About us

“Setting the Standard of Excellence Since 1999”

Casino Logistics specializes in Casino Recruitment, Casino Dealers Training and HR outsourcing.

Formerly named, Games Plus UK, the Company was founded by Trevor Cullen back in 1999, since then we have rebranded but our first class service and quality still remains the same!

We are based in Cyprus & Lithuania, our company is renown for being on time every time with the best possible product in the market place in the shortest possible processing time frame.
Today, Casino Logistics Ltd represents several major Corporate Cruise Line Operators and is working with personnel from the UK, all European Countries (EU/ non EU), Former USSR states, South Africa & Zimbabwe.

“We’re serious about on-board employment opportunities”

We invite you to spend a few moments discovering Casino Logistics:

– we excel in the recruitment and employment screening process providing the highest quality recruits to luxury cruise ships around the world.
– we outsource various Casino Personnel Department responsibilities for our corporate clients to include but not limited to the rotation of Casino Staff.
–  we deliver everything one needs to know in order to become a professional casino dealer, and we are the Cruise Lines Industry’s first choice when hiring experienced & trainee dealers for their operation.
– our training is structured to teaching professional techniques, good guest service and the fundamentals and mannerisms necessary for Ship board life.​


Trevor Cullen
Managing Director

Quality Policy Statement

Casino Logistics is a Recruitment and placement Company situated in Klaipeda, Lithuania. Since the Company’s inception the Company has serviced and supplied many employers in the Casino Industry both ship board and land based. Today the Company is recognized as a leader in it’s field.
At profile, we consider Recruitment as a bridge and partnership in building a positive and lasting relationship with our clients. Our philosophy is evidence of why Casino Logistics have retained the bulk of it’s client base serviced from the start of business operations.
The pillar of Casino Logistics philosophy is it’s dedication and commitment in providing the best in Recruitment solutions. Our aim is to exceed our client’s expectations as we consider every recruitment process as a long term partnership based on transparency, trust and professionalism and service satisfaction.
Our existing clientele have enjoyed the benefits of our professionalism and integrity in recruiting the best available manpower within the Gaming sector.
Casino Logistics understand that good staff are the foundation of any company and to it’s success and therefore the selection of new staff of paramount importance. We understand the potential positive impact we play in the life and career of applicants we have selected and deployed and helping our clients attain their companies objectives.

Our Mission:

Client and Customer satisfaction is our ultimate goal and our aim is to supply professional and reliable staff who will dedicate themselves to working towards and achieving company goals

Our Goal:

Continually strive towards a reputation for providing competent and well trained staff within a competitive Global Labor market and providing our client with the best available recruit whose professional skills, work ethics and competences are some of the best available.

The Slogan of the Company:

‘We’re serious about onboard employment opportunities’.

Values of the company:

1. Employees:

Employees are the main asset of the company.
Our employees are a team of like-minded professionals. We aspire to create all the conditions, necessary for the professional development of every employee, organization of cohesive and coordinated work.That all our employees has strive for self-development and to be the best they can be.
What we value in people: honesty, professionalism, responsibility, loyalty.

2. Clients (Partners)

We value every client (partner).
Every client expects the best possible service. We are striving to expand our range of  services, meeting ongoing demands and expectations of our clients (partners).

3. Quality

Quality is the main component of our service.
We constantly strive to improve the quality in all areas: customer service, working with clients and partners.

4. Efficiency

Efficiency is an important component of the company’s success.
The end result of the company’s product is to provide each client with a professional service, and every partner with the desired product or service, ensuring the efficiency of every process. We strive towards perfection and efficiency in all areas we undertake..

5. Reputation

We value our reputation.
Our reputation is the result of transparency, professionalism, Integrity and honesty from alll our employees.

6. Company Goals

Company Goals are the guarantee of successful development of our business.
We understand that development, improvement, product awareness, progress. We constantly broaden the choice of the services offered, improve the quality and level of professionalism of our employees, and never cease in achieving a high level. In our daily operation, we apply the latest achievements and ongoing advanced developments  all of which guarantees our success and customer satisfaction with our clients and partners.

7. Business Integrity

We strictly comply with the rules of honesty, integrity and transparency within the current market. We demand the same from our clients and partners. We do not tolerate fraud, corruption, bribery, discrimination, or insincerity.

Our Company Tasks:

  • To support, analyze and improve the Quality Management System;
  • To implement the Quality Policy through each Employee releasing its necessity and importance;
  • To establish each Emplyees responsibility for quality job performance;
  • To develop precise and complete written instructions for each action and keeping these updated;
  • To reach a professional level when each employee completes their tasks avoiding any mistakes;
  • To be aware and implement advanced technologies and actively use them in the work processes;
  • To develop new services and products that are or would be demanded by our clients;
  • To train employees and encourage their motivation to achieve their goals and improve quality control;
  • To ensure a stable quality of services minimizing the costs and eliminating discrepancies due to timely prevention measures.